Use the Weight to Lose the Weight – audiobook download page

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Here's the entire book, in audiobook format:

Use the Weight full audiobook

In case that file doesn't work with your player, here are the individual chapter mp3 files:


Chapter 1: My Running Bio

Chapter 2: What They Don't Tell You About Going From Fat to Fit

Chapter 3: Your Mental Game

Chapter 4: Gear and Clothing

Chapter 5: Physical Preparation for Movement

Chapter 6: Movement

Chapter 7: Recovery After Movement

Chapter 8: Fuck You

Chapter 9: Love Me

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If you have problems downloading or playing the files, please email me at I'll do what I can to help you out. (Please allow for the fact that I'm currently in lockdown in South Africa with limited internet access, and also I'm no tech genius. With patience, we'll figure it out!)

The Giant Upsell

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