Use the Weight to Lose the Weight

Use the Weight to Lose the Weight, it's a short, concise, and practical guide for folks with 50, 100, or 150+ pounds to lose.

In the book, Josh shares a mental and physical approach to weight loss that takes advantage of your extra pounds to move you forward rather than hold you back.

As the subtitle proclaims, it's “A Revolutionary New Way to Leverage the Strength You've Developed Carrying 50, 100, or Even 150+ Extra Pounds and Claim Your Bad-Ass Status as a Real Athlete!”

The main idea: stop waiting until you've lost the weight to be impressed with yourself. You are already a badass athlete, just by virtue of carrying all this extra weight day after day. Your skinny friends can't even imagine how hard it would be for them to be your size. Your detractors – well-meaning or not – who think you're lazy or undisciplined have no idea how hard you work every minute to live in your body.

Now let's leverage all that strength and badassery to get the weight off!

The book also comes with bonuses: video demos, cooking demos, suggested gear and equipment, and additional interviews and conversations with people who've successfully lost up to hundreds of pounds.

Get the audiobook, read (mostly) by Josh, with some interjections by Howie.

Get the paperback or Kindle versions.